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900918 asked:
Do you have download our JoonMi cut WGM with subbed? :(( i cant watch full online!

No, I don’t download subbed JoonMi cuts, just raws. But you can download it from kshownow.net, you just have to sign-up if you want HQ videos. But then you download whole episode, not JoonMi cut :’) Feel free to ask if you have more questions! ^^

Anonymous asked:
hi! can you make a gif set about joonyoung referencing anime / manga stuff like gundam, ultraman, initial d, and piccolo aka otaku joonyoung? xD

Hello! No problem anon but can you tell me when did that happened? I remember only Piccolo and Gundam :/ I’m really sorry but I can’t remember, I’m not an otaku and my memory is bad :(

Anonymous asked:
Thanks For The icons , I Really Like it , They are lovely

Thanks, you’re so sweet! I thought that I should post more icons but I wasn’t able to find good pictures, I’m sorry :c

Anonymous asked:
I mean make Joonmi icons

Click! I’m sorry, I know it took so long :c Thanks for the request! <3

Joonmi couple icons requested by Anonymous

image image 

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